Bear Brake Installation


Because several listers asked about the Baer brake job, I thought I would post the installation results to the list:

The kit is well thought out, and the adapter bracket machining are gorgeous, high quality pieces that almost justify the $800 price alone. Easily outclass anything else on the car. Unfortunately, I was not as impressed with the rotors, which look like the Corvette pieces that were simply redrilled with four new lug holes for our bolt pattern. Not a huge deal, I suppose, but it's nice to have dedicated parts.

The PBR calipers are huge, and have somewhat shoddy castings, even by brake caliper standards. That said, they look high quality otherwise. The stainless lines also look good, and despite a few reservations about stainless lines, I used them.

Overall, the installation is a BREEZE! Just pull your old calipers and rotors. Next, install the machined adapter bracket, putting the stock bolts through the mounting ears the opposite way (the Baer instructions are incorrect here, but it's a detail that takes no time to figure out, and I already called them, nice folks who are there to help out all the way). Next, insert a spacer ring (provided) on the hub and then install the new rotor. Install the new caliper. Now you need to install the new line's banjo fitting in the back of the caliper and then quickly disconnect the old caliper's line and connect the other side of the new line to the car's hard line. That's it!

Now, you need to bleed the system. The kit uses the stock master cylinder (the instructions say you need to modify it, but again, a typo.)

15-30 minutes per side, and fills my 16-inch wheels!