Randy's Dyno Results

Comments (by Allan Slocum):
I have seen this car many times, both apart and together. All the work with the exception of machining and welding was done by Randy. The car also has: T5, 1 piece drive shaft, HUGE BRAKES, 7.0" FORD rear end LSD. Randy has an engineering degree and all modifications have been thourghly thought out. He uses the "EEC Tuner" to control the fuel.


Intake Air
K&N cone filter under bumper
upper intake turned toward the front and half gutted 1&4 and 2&3 work together.

turbo head casting
self porting (intake 212 cfm @ 0.500", exhaust 170 cfm @ 0.500")
1.89 intake 1.59 exhaust valves
98 Ranger Roller cam set straight up
Fel Pro 1035 head gasket
Delco Rapid Fire spark plugs
Motorcraft plug wires
60 cc chambers (8.5:1 compression ratio with special pistons)

stock E6 exhaust manifold slightly ported
3" down pipe
3"in/out cat to one 3" in and two 21/2 out muffler

Block (2.5L)
91 mustang block
98 ranger 2.5 crank lightend reshaped balanced and peened
crower 5.4 rods balanced & peened
wiseco pistons 12cc dish balanced all sharp edges removed
total seal second ring and chrome first ring.
ARP studs head and main
solid lifters
Race Engineering hi flow (probably not needed)

Cooling system
Race Engineering Hi output
custom radiator (stock height, shorter, 3 row)

52pph injectors, cleaned and flow measured
255 HP in tank pump (no external fuel pump)

TO4E-54 compressor with an 82 exhaust housing and modified P trim wheel
Large front mount intercooler
Bosch bypass valve

EEC Tuner
about 100 octane (92 octane pump gas mixed with 106 octane race fuel )
10 deg ignition timing
24 psi boost


fuel lines, fuel rail, fuel pressure regulator, fuel pressure
distributor, coil
no windage tray
throttle body

This chart shows the Ranger cam as #009 and the Musial cam as #012