I was driving down the road and the engine cut out. After waiting about an hour, it started back-up and I managed to get it home. This led me to believe the TFI was going bad. I decided to replace the TFI without much thought since I had an extra one having heard stories of the infamous Ford TFI. After the full tune-up (minus the PCV, it is coming in today) the engine was running perfectly--that is for about 20 mins at which time the engine cut out.

Could it be that the Hall Effect Stator has gone bad?


This is common on 2.9 fords,a quick test is after the engine quits,remove the coil wire from the dist. cap hold it about 1/4 inch from a metal surface and crank the engine if it has no spark,remove the spout connector and try again if it has spark there is probably a problem with the ECM,if it has no spark,turn the key to on position,do not crank the engine,wait 1or 2 seconds and turn the key off,if you get a spark the TFI and the coil are good and you need a Hall Effect Stator (pick up coil/PIP)


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