Painting Interior Plastic Parts

These are the steps necessary to repaint our interior parts using the Sikkens line of automotive refinish paints. Interior parts are not considered flexible. Sikkens(now Akzo Nobel) was an OEM supplier for Merkur.

Burn a piece of the plastic you are painting; if it smells like wax its type 2, usually it will smell like burning chemicals (acrid), type1.
This is not for flexible parts like the spoiler.

To paint type 1 you need to clean the parts with soap and water first.
Then scuff with a gray Scotchbrite® and Plasto-Prep®.
Degrease thoroughly with Anti-Static Degreaser® twice.
Now apply two separate coats of Plasto-flex Primer® waiting between coats for 5 minutes. Allow it to dry 20 minutes.

If you are applying a solid color with a matt appearance:
Get the Autocryl® color you want from a paint jobber and a can of Autocryl 444 Matting Paste®.

To make a matt appearance mix the color with the Autocryl® 444 in a 1 to 1 ratio and mix together thoroughly. To make an eggshell appearance mix 2 parts color to 1 part 444.Do a test sprayout if you want to see the difference. Also the dulling effect happens during drying so you have to let it dry to see the difference. To do the sprayout or to paint the parts you will need to add the correct hardener and reducer that is available in your area due to EPA regulations in your area. Sikkens has an 800 number for technical questions. It was 1-800-618-1010. Proceed with painting as you normally would following all directions.

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