Heater Core Removal

The core is in and I have heat, finally. Checked out the old core and found it mostly blocked. I'll bet if I had flushed the core properly I could have bypassed the whole job. Twenty twenty hind sight is great.
So for all of you thinking about a new core just spend some time flushing. Flush in both directions multiple times and just when you think you're finished, flush some more. It's worth a try. What could it take, 30 min. or so?
Some observations:
1. Due to my physical size I removed both seats. It's an easy job and the extra space gained is well worth the time.
2. Center console is no big shakes.
3. Remove the right side bottom dash panel. Opens up the entire world down there.
4. I would now remove the radio, amp and all switches first. Easy to do and makes for a lighter dash assembly.
5. Watch for the relays adjacent to the glove box.
6. Check to make sure the sound deadening material is clear of the heater box. It's a pain if you don't think about it. The material is placed over the box during assembly.
7. Got to pull those duct hoses or you can't see a thing.
8. I didn't pull the bowden cables.
9. Nudge the heater rearward to clear the core from the firewall and pull the right side further rearward so the core will clear the ECU.

Refitting is the exact opposite.