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The complete Turbo 2.3L EEC-IV Handbook all XR's, SVO's and TurboT'Birds $20  
Brake Bracket all XR's NLA  
Distributor Hold Down Bolt (allen head) all XR's, SVO's and TurboT'Birds NLA  
Bulb Dash Pack (6 instrumentation bulbs) all XR's and Scorpio's NLA  
Bulb Fog Lamp (2- 50w bulbs) all XR's NLA  
Ported Upper Intake Manifold (plus $50 refundable core) All XR's, SVO's, 85-86 Turbo T'Birds NLA  
Ported Lower Intake Manifold (plus $50 refundable core) all XR's, SVO's and TurboT'Birds NLA  
 Ported Exhaust Manfold NEW  all XR's, SVO's and TurboT'Birds NLA  
Turbo Bypass Valve Kit (plus $75 refundable core) all XR's, SVO's and TurboT'Birds NLA  



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Product Descriptions

The Complete Turbo 2.3L EEC-IV Handbook

3rd edition now includes a 11x 17 foldout page of the ECA operating modes and the sensors and actuators. There is also a new table of ECA control algorithms and sensors and actuators. Additionally there is some information about "FMEM".

The 2nd edition added a 11x17 page of all the pinouts on the ECA's used on the 2.3L turbo FORDS. This page has a table of pinouts, pin application, signal name, and test spec and definition.

This book covers the EEC -IV (Electronic Engine Control, type 4) installed on turbocharged FORDs. It's purpose is to: educate the reader, assist in troubleshooting problems, and provide information to allow the reader to perform modifications (not for street use, of course). There are 7 chapters: component locator, fuel injection components, EEC pin out, EEC self tests, other engine components, glossary, and bibligraphy.

The two sections on components cover all the components that make up the EEC-IV. The sections on ECC pin-out, and self-test are set up specifically for testing and diagnosing the EEC-IV system. The EFI component section has engineering data for most components. The section on other components covers performance aspects of the turbo, intercooler, and gasoline. Finally, the bibliography covers the reference material that was used to assemble this book.

The book is 8 1/2 x 11 with plastic covers and plastic 'comb' binding. The book is designed for long life under the hood and on the bench.

It's extremely clear, concise and well-organized information makes it an essential addition to the XR4ti, SVO, or Turbo Coupe owner's tuneup and diagnostic toolbox. Roland Zuk

Nowhere else before, was all this information available in one place, at such a reasonable cost, and in plain language that's understandable. Dave Compton

Price (including shipping): $20

Brake Bracket

This bracket attaches to the strut tower and prevents the master cylinder from moving forward during braking. Any motion of the master cylinder is felt by the driver as a "spongy pedal".

The bracket bolts onto the side of the strut tower with 2 1/4-20 bolts. The "support bolt" protrudes out of the bracket and "touches" the master cylinder preventing motion. There is no modification to the braking system in any way. The bracket is mild steel and painted black. It fits all years XR's.

The retail price $35 (including shipping)


Hi Allan, just wanted to thank you for the great service. The brake bracket really does make a difference in the pedal feel. John Blizzard.

I also have your brake bracket in. The feel is better and more linear- nothing too earth-shattering, but a noticeably pleasant upgrade for the money. Later, Craig



Ported Upper Intake Manifold

The upper manifold is gutted and fully smoothed from throttle body flange to lower intake flange. This modification greatly improves top end performance. Note that some people think that there is a slight loss in low RPM performance, I have not noticed any loss in low end however.

The price is $100 for the upper with a $50 core charge. This includes Felpro throttle body gasket, upper to lower gasket, and shipping.


Hi Allan, just wanted to thank you for the great service. Just got the ported upper intake today, had some time this afternoon to put it on before I came home ( a 40 mile drive, great for testing things!) and I must say, the way my car is set up right now, it seemed to help most at the bottom end and mid-range!!! Not a bad thing however, considering how lethargic these cars are at the bottom!

Thanks again and I'll probably get the lower intake as well sometime soon.

John Blizzard.


Ported Lower Intake Manifold

The lower manifold has the #2 and #3 "injector bosses" welded flat to allow extensive opening of the ports. This welding does not change the installation or fit of the injectors. The bottom of #2 and #3 runners are also welded up to allow even further opening of the port. The head flange is opened up to the same size as the OE head ports. The flange to the upper flange is radically opened and blended to the shape of the gutted upper and the area between the runners is narrowed and radiused. The ports are opened up along the length as necessary. The lower manifold will fit all XR's, SVO's, turbo coupes, and other 2.3L turbocharged FORDS.

The price is $120 for the lower with a $50 core charge. This includes Felpro intake to head gasket and shipping.

Ported Manifolds: While these are really radicaly modified for the ultimate in performance, they are a very cost effective improvement over the stock parts. These parts are fully compatible with an otherwise stock XR and you will notice and increase in power. For modified XR's you will also notice an increase in power. Of course installing both will result in the most gain on both stock and modified XR's. They do not require any other modifications and are a strictly "bolt on performance increase".




This isn't the best focus, but notice that you can see how straight the modified ports are.



Ported Exhaust Manifold

The stock exhaust manifold is the single biggest restriction to flow on the FORD turbo motor. I start with a NEW manifold and match the runners to the head, radically enlarge the turbo outlet and open the #3 and #4 runners. This is the single most inportant perfromance item for turbo cars. Includes NEW studs, nuts, and turbo gasket set.

Price (including shipping): $350


Turbo Bypass Valve Kit

When I put the same valve on my car I couldn't believe such a simple change made the car feel so much smoother and more drivable. The power comes on almost instantly between shifts (when driving HARD).

This kit includes the 1" Bosch valve that top quality systems use. The vacuum lines are silicone. The fittings are welded into the throttle body and turbo inlet.

The kit will fit motors with no intercooler, remote mounted intercooler (Rapido for example) and the SVO (or TC) intercooler.

The kit includes everything required for installation, including instructions. There is a $75 core deposit required since I modify the turbo inlet and throttle body and will need yours after you install the kit.

Included in the kit price is porting the throttle body and turbo inlet.

Price (including shipping): $140 core deposit $75

Valve Works great... Again, Thanks.

Joseph Schesso  


Distributor Hold Down Bolt

The OE Ford distributor hold down bolt is located at the base of the distributor and threads into the block. This bolt has a 17mm head, which makes it very difficult to access from either the top or the front since the PVC valve hose is partially obscuring the bolt head.

The replacement bolt is the same length but has a 8mm Allen wrench head. This head design makes tool use trivial. (note: an allen socket wrench is required, "L allens" will not work).

Price (including shipping): $2.50