Grant Steering Wheel Installation

I recently got the Grant steering wheel spacers #4000 (2") and #4001 (1") to move the wheel closer to the driver. Either spacer will work, although neither one is really designed right for the Grant XR4 hub. In either case, you can install them just by removing the 5 Allen screws from the stock Grant wheel face - you don't have to pull the hub off the steering column. Both spacers are about $20 at the local auto parts stores, most likely a special order.

I am using the 1" spacer for now. The 2" space worked fine, but it was a real stretch to the turn signals and wiper lever (about 5 inches) with that spacer. You get used to the location with the wheel as a reference. It is real strange groping for them once you have taken your hand off the wheel!

First the 2" spacer:

  1. Pull fuse #6 (the horn fuse).
  2. You don't have to disconnect the battery.
  3. Remove the Grant wheel from its hub.
  4. Remove the 3" inch diameter top plate from the spacer by removing the 5 Allen screws.
  5. Mount this plate on the hub with 5 Allen screws.
  6. Be sure to pull the horn wires through the large hole, and be sure you orient the plate properly (it is marked "TOP" for this purpose).
  7. You may need to lengthen the horn wires or add in short jumpers.
  8. Then attach the "cup" part of the spacer with the 3 supplied M9 bolts to the plate you just attached.
  9. Again, you have to feed the wires through a hole i n this piece.
  10. Then attach the wheel to the cup with 5 more Allen screws, hook up the horn button, plug in the fuse, & you are done.

The 1" spacer:

  1. This really isn't made to move the wheel closer to the driver. It is designed to work with some hubs to move the wheel closer to the dash. However, it is an easy fix.
  2. Remove the plate from the back of the spacer (5 Allen screws).
  3. Drill out the 5 threaded holes to allow clearance for (5) new #10-32 Allen screws (Sorry, I don't know the drill size).
  4. Pull the horn fuse.
  5. Remove the steering wheel from the hub (5 Allen screws).
  6. Assemble the wheel & spacer to the hub using 5 new 1" inch long #10-32 Allen-type flat head screws.
  7. Replace the horn button and fuse & that's it.


My Grant wheel is marked "Made in Italy" on the back & I've had it on 3 cars now over the years, and I think it has a mix of metric and SAE threads.

One word of caution: 10-32 screws are NOT interchangeable with metric M5x0.9 screws! They look almost identical. Believe me, they are not. If the Allen screws too are snug, you may be running into this problem. Even with a thread gauge, it is not easy to differentiate between them, especially when your eyes aren't what they used to be!

 Wheel  Part No.  Distance Change (away from dash)
 Stock    0"
 Grant    0.8"
 Grant w/1" spacer  4001  1.8"
 Grant w/2" spacer  4000  2.8"
 Grant w/1" & 2" spacer  4001 & 4000  3.8" (you can do this if you really must!)