How to R&R a dash

Tools needed:-Light source


To install a new dash:

Simply reverse the procedure. Be very careful when maneuvering the new dash into place; the edges can be brittle and might snap. Take care to hook up the vents, hook up all the electrical connections. Keeping which screw goes in which hole is a bit difficult but not impossible. (Tip: If you removed your new dash from a clunker, take all the screws with you. If you should lose one when taking the dash out of your car, this makes looking for it a moot point. Just use a spare.) Get everything lined up and all the connections at least pulled into position before starting doing all the screws securing the dash.

This whole procedure took me 90 minutes, but it was the second time I've done it (I've removed three dashes from Merkurs and replaced two). A more realistic time for your first attempt might be 2 to 2.5 hours. Good luck.