The connector on the back of the amp is an 8-pin DIN style. Only four of the pins are used. Make a cable by using a mating DIN connector (Radio Shack 274-026) for the amp end, and two RCA jacks for the head unit end. You also need two individual wires for power and ground. I'll describe the positions rather than using pin numbers because not all connectors are properly labeled.

As looking at the MATING CABLE CONNECTOR END (pins).

Hold the connector with the key to your right:

- Center pin: Power. Splice into "antenna power out" on the stereo. This was red w/white on my factory wiring. It is blue w/white on my Kenwood unit.

- Pin to the left of center (opposite from the key): Ground. Splice into the stereo ground wire (brown on factory wiring).

- Pin directly above power: Left channel in.

- Pin directly above ground (between ground and left channel): Right channel in.


SPEAKERS (front speakers, 89 XR)

They are approximately 4.5 x 6.5 inches on the metal cone frame and they have a four bolt pattern at 4 5/16 inch on centers (square). They mount on a larger steel plate that could easily be redrilled for a different bolt pattern. Just for reference, they are 20 watt, 8 ohm, Ford part #'s C9V1A, 87BB18808ZA, 02U83634.