The Merkur Encyclopedia

Some common acronyms used in Merkur Maintenance:


A/C Air Conditioning

ACC Air conditioning Clutch Compressor

ACT Air Charge Temperature

ATDC After Top Dead Center

BMAP Barometric and Manifold Absolute Pressure

BP Barometric Pressure

BPA ByPass Air solenoid

BTDC Before Top Dead Center

ECA Electronic Control Assembly (i.e., the computer)

ECT Engine Coolant Temperature

EEC Electronic Engine Control

EFI Electronic Fuel Injection

EGO Exhaust Gas Oxygen sensor

EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation

FI Fuel Injector

ISC Idle Speed Control

KOEO Key On Engine Off; a self-test mode of the ECA

KOER Key On Engine Running; a self-test mode of the ECA

KS Knock Sensor

MAP Manifold Absolute Pressure

MCU Microprocessor Control Unit

PCV Positive Crankcase Ventilation

PIP Profile Ignition Pickup; indicates crankshaft position to ECA

SPOUT SPark OUTput; signal from ECA

TP, TPS Throttle Position Sensor

VAF Vane Air Flow sensor

VAT Vane Air Temperature sensor

WOT Wide Open Throttle