Some Modified Cars

Allan Slocum

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Allen I ,just wanted to thank you for your great web page. Ive found it to
be most accurate and helpfull. Ive been a long time ford 2.3 fan ,starting
off with a 76' 2.3 capri back in the 80's. There weren't a lot of parts or
on this engine in the old days, so you had to be really dedicated to it!
Being a machinist , I wound up modifing and making just about everything
myself. In the 80's virtually everyone who bulit hot rods built v-8s,
because everyone knew 4 bangers just didn't make power. My freinds
thought I was crazy, they'd say ,why on eath are you wasting your time
with that peice of crap 4 banger Ford. In 1982 , after messing around
with a turbo installation and countless nights spent maching valves and
rods from billet and oil pump drive shafts and on and on ,I was finally ready
for vindication.At the time I was a member of a hot rod club in LasVegas.
mostly big v-8 muscle cars. Street racers we were.We were headed to Red rock
canyon for some heads up and I decided to tag along in my Capri. My freind
had one of the fastest cars in the club a late 60's dodge super bee with 2
and all the goodies it ran 11.60's on the track with slicks. It was the first
ever that I driven my car since modifications were complete so I was breaking
in the engine and really had no idea just how powerfull it was.My car sported
600 cfm holley carb drawn through a TRW/RAJAY turbo mounted on hand
made headers and blowing through a 3" pipe/W Crane cam everthing else was
made from scratch or pirated from some other application. Any way we were
rolling down Las vegas blvd. and Steve was along side me laughing at me and
revving his engine. We finally hit a red light and I started to feel the
in my stomach,I knew this was it ,if I didn't run I would be the laughing
of the car club.Steve stood hard on the brake and brought the revs up, the
ground literally shook from th 440 ci engine.giant McCreary tire slowly
againt the brakes I knew I was done for but shoved the shifter in first anyway
My heart was now pouding and my hands began to shake ,the light changed and
suddenly my fear turned to pure joy! that little engine kick me in the ass so
hard I was sore for a week. first gear was gone in a second. second gear the
when I hit third I looked to my left and saw a Super Bee quickly dissapering
me and a horrified look on the drivers face .Fourth gear and 140 mph showing
on the speedo and I knew that things would never be the same.

I am currently working on a 144 cu blower with intercooler fo my 86 Merkur.
I think its going to be a winner.