Door Rattle (shutting door hard)

I had this problem, is the bracket one that has a lining in it for the window so it doesn't get scratched? If so it either unclips or unbolts and can be taken out of the door and can be welded, I even did it with the lining still in it careful not to burn it.

Dash Rattle (1500 - 2200 rpm)

I loosened the heater box top mounts on the underside of the dash and moved the box and retightened the box.

I put new hoses to the heater and casued a new rattle,removng th eheater cntrol valve backt (letting hang by the hoses) stopped this one.

Under hood rattle (1500 rpm)

The passinger motor mount heat shield gets a crack, eithr remove it or bend a lip along the length.

Floor vibration (68 - 73 mph)

1 piece drveshaft requires the trans output shaft to be parallelt o the rear end pinion shaft. Shim the Trans mount to align. Use a digital gauge to measure angles.

Steering wheel shimmy under breaking (all speeds, most noticable under HARD breaking)

Sway bar to lower control bushings are bad, replace with Rapido (polyurthane) or FORD (harder rubber than original)