VIN Decoder

Using my VIN XR4Ti VIN as an example the VIN code translates as follows: WF1BT80W9KM616285 "WF1B" is for a Ford product made in Germany which has shoulder harness safety restraints only (no airbags).
"T80" is the body code for XR4Ti.
"W" is for the particular version of 2.3L turbo engine used in the XR4Ti.
"9" is a check digit that is calculated using a formula utilizing other digits in the VIN to prevent falsification of a VIN.
"K" is the designation for 1989 model year.
"M" is the assembily plant code for Karmann.
"616285" is the actual chassis number.

On the label on the door the last box on the bottom right corner you will see a tr for transmission O is for Automatic 5 is for manual.


The only differences in the VIN code for a Scorpio is that:
"T80W " is replaced by "T81V" designating Scorpio body code and engine and the plant identifier
"M" is replaced by an "E."
Of course the chassis number and check digit will be different for each car.