Motor Mounts

by Lou Medina

The mount I have looked at is from an 88 T-bird with a 3.8L V6. It is 82.55mm in height compared to the 80mm height I heard reported on a "list" for what a new one is supposed to be. The old one I measured was 66mm but had the upper stud broken off and I forgot to pick it up when I came home. The tbird mount is only $66 from my local parts place but I am sure it can be had for much less elsewhere.

It is configured slightly different than our stock mount and I plan on using that to my advantage. While our stock mount has a stud on each end, the Tbird mount has a stud on one end and 3 blind holes in a row where the two outer ones are threaded. I plan on threading the middle hole to whatever bolt will fit through the engine/motor mount bracket and fasten the top end that way. The bottom stud is slightly larger than stock and thus the corresponding hole would have to be slightly enlarged to accomodate it but so does the BAT mount at almost twice the price.
There you have it. My idea and its half done. When I get it installed I will spread the word on how well it works.
If anybody has any other advice or experience with using this particular application, speak up now. The only problem I can foresee would be the extra 2.55MM height but I dont think it will drastically change anything.