Drag Race Info


To launch I hold the rpm at about 5000 rpm and feather the clutch at the last yellow light. First gear is pretty quick to hit 5000 where I shift into 2nd. Second gear is gone pretty quick also and I try not to just slam into each gear. If I drop the clutch too hard I get massive wheel spin in first through shifting into third. All shift points so far have been between 5000 and 5400 rpm where my cam/head run out of breath.

I've only been to the track twice so I am mainly working on launching well and trying to be consistent. Gainesville Raceway is now closed until February so I am going to try to get down to Desoto Memorial Dragway down near Bradenton. They are open pretty much year round. It is a little far but as long as I don't break anything I don't mind.

My main mods are a Spearco "SVO" IC and I had my compressor upgraded to a TO4E 45 trim wheel fitted in my stock housing by machining out the housing. Of course I use a K&N mounted to a large meter, 3" DP to a 2.5" 2 chamber flowmaster. So far I have kept boost down at 18-20 psi. I use an 8.8 rear end with 3.73 gears with Steeda upper and lower aluminum control arms suspended by stock springs and Lakewood 50/50 shocks. I still use my BFG Comp HR4 tires from when I came from Iowa. They are pretty hard so they don't get much traction at the strip. I almost forgot, I replace my original 2.3l turbo engine with one from an 88 TC that had about 50,000 miles. It now has about 60,000. I am using the larger air meter, a PE computer, stock 88 TC cam, and new self ported exhaust manifold (shoulda ported it more).

Future plans are a line loc, MSD 2-step, slicks, Lakewood 90/10 struts, stickier street tires, cam, and higher boost. I'm setting my Capri up as a drag car now that I bought the 87 XR4ti, though the Merkur is up in Iowa at my parents house till at least Christmas. I don't plan on modding the Merkur too much, but I am sure I will. At least a good IC. It already has an 88 TC engine and computer with a T3 turbo backed by a C4 tranny.

With the upgraded turbo and IC I really feel my times/mph could be quite a bit better. With practice and maybe a cam I should be down in the 13's. I am going to have a more experienced friend take it down the 1320 also to see what my Capri can do with a better driver.

I encourage anyone who has ever thought about going to the strip to do so. I have had so much fun. I thought it would be hard on my car, but I honestly think I am harder on it on the street. Just be careful, you will get hooked on it. To be honest I would rather do the SCCA thing but the drag strip is only 15 minutes away. When I get the Merkur in my garage I will start going to open track events and Merkur gatherings.

Last week. R/T = .763 60'=2.59 1/8 .67/68.01 1/4 = 16.40/82.49
Run 1 R/T = .721 60'=2.61 1/8 = 10.43/71.25 1/4 = 15.84/90.17
Run 2 R/T = .595 60'=2.48 1/8 = 10.27/70.08 1/4 = 15.72/90.49
Run 4 R/T = .582 60'=2.35 1/8= 9.70/74.47 1/4 = 14.85/96.12
Run 5 BEST

This week. R/T = .511 60'=2.31 1/8=9.75/74.12 1/4 = 14.95/95.42
Run 5 R/T = .501 60'=2.31 1/8=9.65/74.08 1/4 = 14.85/95.41
Run 6 R/T = 1.16 60'=2.25 1/8=9.54/75.45 1/4 = 14.79/94.51
Run 7 Final

First you'll notice a 1.16 reaction time on my final run. I had rolled through the lights a little too far and had thrown it in reverse to correct a little. The starter didn't notice and started the lights so I had to throw it back to first and go. It was my best run though, because I was a little angry and you always drive more aggressive when pissed or whatever. I put on a new TPS and had my car running much better this week than last so I was a little disappointed this week. I tried running more boost but I think I got some detonation. I say "think" because with my Flowmaster 2-chamber with no tail pipe I can't really hear a damn thing. On Friday I will be ordering a quieter muffler and maybe a tail pipe. I also think I am having a little bit of flow problem to my Spearco. The mouth on its duct lines right up with the lower air splitter on my factory front spoiler. I am planning to add on to the duct this weekend after a trip to Home Depot. Spearco sells an add on duct for like $80 but I can make something just as effective, it just won't be as pretty. I also ran a can of Xylene tonight but when I refilled with gas on the way home I found my mixture was pretty week. I didn't have to put as much gas in as I thought I should have. Anyone know what size my tank is? I think it is like 12.4 gal. Sure would be nice to run a small fuel cell at the track so I could get the mixture right and use the stock tank on the street. I can see the ET being totally my lack of experience but I feel like I should be able to get more mph with at least a little better ET. Does anyone know for sure what cam an 88 TC has in it? I feel like my Capri is running out of breath between 5100 and 5500 rpm. It falls pretty flat. I shifted out of third tonight at about 85 or so mph and 5200+- rpm. Anyone know how much a Capri with the bubble hatch weighs? I completely forgot to weigh it. I did disconnect the sway bar though and tried lowering my tire pressure to 20 psi. It wasn't to bad driving with the sway bar disconnected but I wouldn't do it every day, although it would be nice to get the thing outa there.