Opening a locked Scorpio

I posted this to help owners. To open a locked car, theves use more damaging techniques that are faster. Ed.

"I am assuming you didn't have the hood raised when this happened. You will need to crawl under the front of the car and use the hood release trick. Reach your right arm up through the fan blade and rotate it (the fan) up till you can reach the release lever. It is in a small hole in the frame just above the radiator. Having someone push down slightly on the hood while you move the lever helps take some of the pressure off the lever.

Now you need to get power to the battery. Just jump it to a good one. You might want to pull the fuel pump relay to make sure the car doesn't somehow accidentally start.

You then have to find the liftgate release relay in the fuse box. Check your fuse box cover to find the relay. When looking from the front, it should be on the far left side, three slots from back of the box.

2:) . Next I went to work on the rear hatch relay, and by jumping across
the 2 large terminals in the relay socket ( after removing the relay ) popped the rear hatch lock delivering me to my keys."


Worked great, I was in the car within 10 minutes.