Wheel Bearings

Subject: Re: Front Wheel Bearing Part Number 88 Xr4ti

Dave Marshall asked about the specific's of TIMKEN's SET 24 bearing's for the Xr4ti. Dave has suggested that the following be archived......

Dave, You'd get one standardized Timken bearing with the Set 24. The innner and outer bearings are the one and the same........ This number is also good for the rear wheel bearings. So to do the entire car you would need a total of 8, Set 24's.

It seems that the rears under go less torque in the turns and I have had not to replace them in the '85 at 199K thus far.

Our <Timken> bearings are made in a < first melted, then refined> two step, ladel refined, deguassed, then Bottom Poured Steel Ingot process..... This type of process insures that there are virtually no inclusions when compared to our competitors.... I work in the rolling mill and have toured and given many tours in the melt area, the refining areas, rolling area, and the conditioning areas of TIMKEN. I am familar with much of the process and highly recommend the product... It's a family owned concern that is recognized all over the world.