Front Alignment

There are several ways to set the camber in the XR front, moving the pivot bolt OR using an excentric bolt.

Step 1 is to check the wear in the tire. In my tire example below, the passinger inside wore out first (to the cords). This is measured with the end of a caliper. Note that the edges wore much more than the middle, this means that the tires should have significantly more air.

Step 2 is to measure the camber and toe on the "axel". Using the "paint and scribe" method, a toe of about 0.07" (1/16) in was measured. This is good. Using the "level and caliper" method the data is shown below. See rear wheel alignment for detailed instructions.

Step 3 comparing the camber in the wheels shows that 1.63 deg results in a flat wear pattern, reducing the passinger side by about 0.17 deg should make it wear flat. Comparing the tire wear, 0.27 deg, averages to about 0.23 deg change. Using the chart below, the inner control arm pivot was moved about 0.070 inches.

At this time use either method to adjust camber.

In order to adjust the caster Specialty Products kit 85710 was used. This installed where the lower control arm bolts to the crossmember. This provides a cam-type action on the LCA bolt allowing the camber to be adjusted. I needed 2.5 degrees or so.

The Specialty web site : The kit used (85710) is for a 12mm bolt. I think stock is 10mm, but boy does it look wimpy. In order to install the adjusting hardware, the holes in the cross member were drilled using Specialty Products tool 85750 which is a hole saw assembly. The products are usually sold thru distributors to local alignment shops.

Locally, the distributor is BMK Distributors of Walterboro, SC. 1-800-868-2653