Front Inner Bushing


I just installed new inner control arm bushings on my XR and found I needed a special tool to get them in even with a press. They want to pop out sideways when you try to press them in. To get around that, stick a 3/8 bolt about 4 inches long through the bushing with a standard flat washer under the head of the bolt tight against the out side end of the bushing and a large (1.5 inch diameter) fender washer clamped between two nuts at the other end of the bolt. Then set the control arm on top of a short piece of 1.5 inch water pipe with the bushing on top so the fender washer extends through the bushing hole in the control arm into the pipe. The washer on the bolt acts as a guide in the pipe and keeps the bushing going straight. The pipe need only be long enough to clear the end of the bolt with the bushing all the way in. Holding the control arm in position on the pipe, press down on the head of the bolt to press the bushing into the hole. Use some silicone grease and clean up the hole in the control arm first. Then it pops straight in with no hassle. A large C-clamp or even a lever can be used to squeeze the bushing in as long as you hold the control arm steady on the pipe. With the right C-clamp, this could be done with the arm still attached to the strut. The same setup without the bolt can be used to press out the old bushing. This makes changing the bushing a 15 minute job once you have the pieces gathered up.


Adjustable Bushings

In order to adjust the caster Specialty Products kit 85710 was used. This installed where the lower control arm bolts to the crossmember. This provides a cam-type action on the LCA bolt allowing the camber to be adjusted. I needed 2.5 degrees or so. The kit used (85710) is for a 12mm bolt. I think stock is 10mm, but boy does it look wimpy. In order to install the adjusting hardware, the holes in the cross member were drilled using Specialty Products tool 85750 which is a hole saw assembly.
The products are usually sold thru distributors to local alignment shops.

The Specialty web site :

Locally, the distributor is BMK Distributors of Walterboro, SC. 1-800-868-2653