Clutch, Pressure Plate, and Flywheel

Per centerforces catalog

I called centerforce about the 1/16 difference in the stock Merkur clutch and the T-bird clutch. I was told that it will work. The difference is not that great. well I hope this clears up some confusion. all the prices that are listed are the jobber prices.


 Model Year disc dia shaft dia # splines jobber price
 Merkur 85-89 9" 1" 23 $238
 Ranger 83-97 8 7/8" 1" 23 $238
 TC 83-88 9 1/16" 1 1/16" 10 $285
 Mustang (not SVO)  ?? - 88 - ??  8 1/2" 1 1/16" 10  
 Ranger ??    9 1/8"      

The following might throw some light on the clutch question below. The J C Whitney Catalog lists a Zoom upgrade clutch with a Kevlar disc of 9.125" diameter for the Ranger and Bronco II to replace the stock 8.5" or 9.0" original clutch. So it would seem that there are both sizes available. The price BTW was $215 and seemed to include the disc, pressure plate and throwout bearing. Could it be that they might have used the 2.9L V6 clutch on some of the fours?